Free Soccer Coaching Info

Free Dutch Coaching Drills! For Dutch-trained coaches, the exercises they use are important, but even more important is the process of observation and then COACHING the players through the exercises. As Coach Harry Jansen points out in the Dutch Video Coaching Series, “an experienced coach can make a million exercises”  but it is the art of coaching the players to get the most out the exercise that is absolutely critical to player development.

One of the primary things to remember is to make the training relate to the game. For older, experienced players it’s more obvious for them to see the relationship, but for younger players, it’s very important to connect the dots for them. A Passing Exercise is not done simply to practice the technical aspects (although it’s an important component) but you must help the players realize how the movements of your exercise fit into the game. Bringing the exercise to life by helping players see how they will use the same techniques in a game, will give the exercise more meaning to them.  In other words, they’ll be less likely to “just go through the motions” at your training session.