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with Dutch training methods

Dutch Soccer Vision is all about helping you become a better, more insightful coach by using Dutch Soccer coaching & training methods. You’ll see how the coaches in Holland train young players to play in the style of the Dutch; attacking soccer based on top-level technique and tactics.  

A group of highly qualified Dutch coaches have been filmed working with US-based players; the kind of players you might have on your team. You’ll be able to see and hear exactly what they say and do to help develop these players. The same instructions they give to similar players in Holland.

It’s like going to the Netherlands to observe their coaching, but without the airfare!

Being a great soccer coach is tough.

The Dutch approach will up your game.

“A fantastic introduction to the Dutch training approach.”

The Dutch provide the framework but you make it your own.

Every coach, team and player is different so you need to have an approach that allows for personalization, right?

With the Dutch Training Method, you’ll learn how to think about solving your team’s unique problems that they encounter in their games and then easily come up with training sessions that work to fix those problems. It’s the approach, philosophy or mindset more than the specific exercises that make the Dutch method so valuable.

“This is NOT a series of perfect exercises with perfect players. You’ll see real youth training just like at your practices.”

“… a real-world, in-the-trenches look at what Dutch-trained coaches actually say to their players.”

Why invest in this educational series?

Many soccer coaches know that the Dutch have a truly remarkable reputation for developing players to the highest level. In this video series you will see, up close and personal, exactly what highly experienced, fully licensed Dutch-trained coaches say to developing players to help them become better soccer players.


You’ll hear the over-arching philosophies of Dutch soccer that guide Dutch coaches and then you’ll be with the coaches right down on the field with the players so that you can see and hear precisely what coaching points they make… and why they make them.


Filmed during the Dutch Touch Soccer Camps, this is NOT a canned presentation, instead it’s a real-world, in-the-trenches look at what Dutch-trained coaches actually say to the types of players that you may have on your team.


This educational series will give you the insight and the practical applications that will help you create a team that plays beautiful, effective soccer.

Perfect for players aged 8 – 28

It’s like going to The Netherlands to observe coaches work with their own players, without the airfare!


Part of the genius of the Dutch approach is enabling each and every coach to make the training specific for THEIR team and players. There’s a framework and philosophy to build on but you can be as creative in designing your own exercises and activities as you desire.

If your team needs to work on crossing, there are simple ways to do that. If your team needs to work on getting the ball from the backs to the mid-fielders, then you can create an exercise to accomplish that. If your players need to work on their first touch or passing accuracy, then you can create a simple exercise to hone those skills, too. The sky is the limit!

You will be watching how Dutch-trained coaches make specific coaching points, then you’ll bring those types of coaching points back to your team.

You’ll be given the road map (philosophy & approach), shown how to read it (specific training examples), then you will be enabled to navigate to your destination of better soccer for your own, specific players and team.

All training info is delivered to you Online

You can watch (stream) the videos at any time or download them to your computer so you can watch without the need for an internet connection. (Delivered securely by

  • This video series is an excellent introduction to Dutch Soccer Training
  • Over 6 hours of instruction and insights
  • Separate sessions devoted to explaining the Dutch philosophy & approach to soccer
  • Includes an interview with Coach Terry Michler. Over 1 hour and 20 minutes of excellent coaching advice
  • All updates to the training materials are free to you
  • One Full Year 100% Money-back Guarantee

“For me the videos are fantastic.  I’m a great fan of Dutch football so I’m really excited about what I’m learning from the videos. There is so much specific information on the videos that I have to watch them over and over again and I love the passion and enthusiasm coming from the coaches.  All in all I think the videos were done well and are definitely value for money. Good job.” 

Jason M., London, England

“The videos are very useful for all coaches. I enjoyed it. Overall it is a great insight into Dutch training techniques.” 

Gregory P., Australia, AFC “C” License

“Hello Coaches!
I bought your videos with trainings from St.Louis.  Coaches, it’s very good stuff. From yesterday I saw it 2 times and I learned many new things. Thx for sharing your knowledge. 
Regards from Poland!”

Krzysztof Nowakowski, Poland

“Great inside view of the game for player development and coaching education.” 

Nya Q.

Coach Terry Michler, Co-Founder of Dutch Soccer Vision, has been awarded the USA TODAY “Boys Soccer Coach of the Year.”

Coach Michler has a storied career as the Head Coach of CBC High School in St. Louis, MO, USA. He’s won more games than any other coach and has won 9 State Championships. He is a true master of the craft of coaching soccer. Congrats, Terry!

Link to story: USA TODAY Coach of the Year


“The key to Barcelona’s success is a philosophy of play which emerged as a direct descendant of Holland’s Total  Football of the 70’s, and is implemented throughout the club’s teams – from seven-year-olds right up to the first team.  ‘Everyone says our philosophy started with the ‘Dream Team’ of Cryuff,’ Folguera stated.” – BBC Sport

BBC Sport

It’s just like you’re standing next to the coaches on the field.

Help your players play better soccer.