Exercises: Passing – 1

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Dutch Passing Drills (exercises) are one of the cornerstones of the Dutch Coaching Method. Because the Dutch style is based on quick and accurate ball movement, these Passing Exercises are some of the most important you can use at your training sessions. As you’ll come to learn, the Dutch Passing Exercises are infinity flexible as you can create or adjust them to accomplish virtually every type of passing action that happens in the game.

You can work on Inside-of-the-Foot, Outside-of-the-Foot passing, First Touch with either the Inside or Outside of the foot, One-Touch, Two-Touch or even Three-Touch actions. You can even have the players use different body parts with balls in the air. The limitations for these type of Dutch Passing Drills is up to your own creativity.

As always, look to your games to decide what to work on at training. If players are struggling with One-Touch passing in the game, then work on One-Touch Passing at practice. It really is just that simple!

Dutch Passing Drills


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